Founded in 1997 by Kaan Çetinkaya, Han Architectural Design continues its presence in numerous innovative projects as Space Architects & Designers, a brand name it officially registered due to its relations with international firms at the time. The architects, interior designers, landscape architects and project managers at Space serve their clients in professional teams for analyzing lands and sites, fixing the correct concepts and planning, implementing the ideas of the projects, and project management.

Basing his designs each time on a particular theme and philosophy, Kaan Çetinkaya creates structures and interiors that have stories of their own. The inspiration behind his current project CAVEA in Türkbükü, Bodrum stems from the barky appearance of the regions ancient rock tombs that date back to several millennia. The project consists of flats that will operate in a private residence system as opposed to the usual condominiums. Far from following the ordinary appearance of the usual summer home, Çetinkaya aims to create structures that will blend into the natural setting rather than stand out. The interiors of the project are designed to produce a calm atmosphere by combining simplicity with both modern and natural elements. The outer surface of the buildings, on the other hand, exhibit the harmonious fusion of historical curves and barky textures with concrete, stainless steel and glass the materials of modern architecture.

A different project by Kaan Çetinkaya is Park One in Uskumruköy which is awarded by European property awards2011 .The main goal to be achieved by the design of this particular project is a balanced combination of modern living with the gifts of nature in an area that has become home to a fast growing construction industry. The project involves buildings differing in volume and size, using an unconventional architectural design to create zones with eccentric light illusions. The forests in the area are a source of inspiration for the wide usage of transparent materials, and the inclusion of landscape design in the interiors. The architectural forms and details to be used all stem from the forms that exist in nature.